Topic Clusterizer

Builds topic clusters from a list of URLs

External Link Suggestion

Suggests only high DR authoritative external links to build relevancy

Language Support

Adding language support for major European languages; including Spanish, German, French, Dutch etc

Team Member

Adding team members to manage the projects

GSC Integration

Imports keywords from GSC for a particular post and finds the relevant posts that contain the keywords


Dynamic Interlinking Map

Visualizes the interlinking structure of the whole site and allows the user to change the interlinking structure on the visual editor

Page Builder Support

Elementor, Oxygen Builder, Thrive, Divi, Avada (Fusion Builder), Beaver, Cornerstone, Muffin (Bebuilder), Themify, WPBakery, Bricks,  Meta Box, ACF

Anchor Report & Analysis

Analyses the anchor texts that are used for a particular post to avoid cannibalization

Link Removal

Removes external, internal outbound, and internal inbound links

Bulk Interlinking with Existing Sentences

Uses AI to analyze existing paragraphs and inserts the anchor text contextually where it fits best



Builds links for a pillar post using topic cluster

Custom Network Builder

Create your own interlinking network

Domain Report

Displays the total link report of your domain

Bulk Interlinking

Users can create contextual internal links in bulk by simply uploading all the URLs

Mind Map for Silo Visualization

A dynamic visual map that generates and displays the silo network in real-time

Gutenberg Block Support

Supports auto content generation and insertion for WordPress Gutenberg blocks