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Praised by Industry Experts

I just tried it and it found all my orphaned pages to link to. They even have a smart link feature to generate new paragraphs in case there aren’t any good places for links.
Ben Adler
Founder, Keyword Chef
I was reviewing it and found it so good. I had to get the Platinum plan.

I’m going to use it extensively in some of my videos on the sites I’m making.
Matt Zimmerman
Founder, ZimmWriter
I’m currently running a live case study, updating around 1,500 posts internal links using LinkBoss. It’s still early days, but traffic is already starting to trend upward.
Adam Smith
Founder, The Content Machine

Why You Should Get LinkBoss

Utilize the power of Machine Learning Algorithm and AI to transform your website’s interlinking strategy with LinkBoss.

Effortless Topic Cluster Creation
SILO with Topic Clusters

Build powerful topical clusters with LinkBoss’s advanced interlinking silo feature. Reverse SILO, Hub-spoke SILO most types are supported.

Smart Contextual Linking Enabled
Smart Contextual Linking

LinkBoss’s AI-powered brain analyzes the content and suggests semantically relevant sentences to create perfectly contextual links.

Bulk Interlinking Feature
Bulk Interlinking

One-click bulk interlinking feature can seamlessly interlink each semantically relevant post using your chosen anchors.

Fresh Content for Creating
Fresh Content for Context

When existing content fails to provide the contextual anchor, our AI-powered tool can generate unique, and context-rich paragraphs with a perfectly relevant anchor.

Multi Site Management Option
Multi-Site Management

Monitor and manage all your WordPress sites’ interlinking strategies with ease, thanks to a single dashboard that combines user-friendliness and advanced features.

Comprehensive Site Report Generator
Comprehensive Site Reports

From orphaned posts to internal and external links, 404 links, and beyond, LinkBoss delivers valuable site metrics to help you stay ahead of the game.

Team Behind LinkBoss

Our passionate team has a vast portfolio of niche sites and SaaS projects that have consistently delivered exceptional results.

  • SEO Experts
  • Experienced Dev Team
  • Agency Owner

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Users

Ben Adler Founder Keyword Chef
Ben Adler
Founder, Keyword Chef

I just tried it and it found all my orphaned pages to link to. They even have a smart link feature that will automatically generate new paragraphs in case there aren’t any good places for links.

matt zimmerman
Matt Zimmerman
Founder, ZimmWriter

I was reviewing it and found it so good. I had to get the Platinum plan.

I’m going to use it extensively in some of my videos on the sites I’m making.

adam smith
Adam Smith
The Content Machine

I’m currently running a live case study where we are updating around 1,500 posts with internal links using LinkBoss. It’s still early days, but traffic is already starting to trend upward. This deal is a no-brainer.

Kaiser Hamid
Kaisar Hamid

I have large sites with 50K+ pages and I’ve been using LinkBoss to interlink for all these websites.

The growth has been very noticeable after I started using LinkBoss.

Brendan Frye
EIC at CGMagazine

A game changer for SEO, it makes it easy to connect all the posts on your site, ensure you bring value to your reader, and help Google easily find all your news, posts and stories.

Anil Agarwal
Anil Agarwal
Agrawal Leadership LLC

LinkBoss is saving me time and from headaches. Finding interlinks is a daunting and overwhelming task for me; even though my Blog is quite small. LinkBoss came to the rescue. The setup is a breeze. Project dashboard is clean and easy to understand!

Niko Julius

A Game-Changer for Effortless Contextual Linking. Easy to use, can effortlessly manage and insert links that are contextually relevant with bulk link processing, effectively saving time without sacrificing quality.

A true saver for someone who manages several blogs like me.

vlad ivanov
Vlad Ivanov
Founder, WordsAtScale

As a regular user of LinkBoss, I was impressed by its ability to effortlessly create relevant internal links in bulk, a feature that clearly outshines competitors like Link Whisper. Its user-friendly interface and innovative approach to generating context-appropriate anchor texts and paragraphs have significantly streamlined my website’s internal linking process.

darren ng
Daren Ng
Internet Marketer

I have bought so many internal linking plugins, and many of them have the same issues. Linkboss on the other hand is super good at saving time as it has bulk mode.

Support is swift and responsive too. They take bug reports and feature requests seriously. You cannot go wrong with Linkboss.

Jonathan howe
Jonathan Howe
Founder, Montenegro Digital Nomad Agency

The first time I used it I achieved in 1 day what would have taken weeks using manual interlinking in the CMS.
 The way this tool automatically chooses the best contextual anchor text, or creates a whole new paragraph if needed, is the main reason LinkBoss stood out to me from the others.
 So far I have totally overhauled the internal linking on 1 of my websites, and now I can’t wait to do the same for the rest of them!

mark draper
Mark J Draper
Founder, iindigo Web Design

I can write articles, but I really don’t like the interlinking side of things. I just started using this tool, but it seems like it can help me with something I struggled with before. It helps me find articles that need links and find relevant articles on my site to add a link.
If you dislike the suggested link, it can create a new section in the article and add a new paragraph for the new link. Saves a lot of time.

LinkBoss Favicon
Kim Smith
Internet Marketer

LinkBoss has been a huge help to me. It has saved me hours of work on interlinking my website pages. It is so easy to use and I really like how it creates a topical relevant paragraph for you on your page to put your link in if there isn’t relevant content on that page to insert your link into, makes it so simple.
Also the customer support is great. It’s hard to find support like this these days.

Regular Pricing Plans

Our flexible pricing plans cater to the varied needs of SEOs, Agencies, Bloggers and Publishers. Once placed, interlinks stay permanent.




Best for Starters

200 Credits

  • 3 Site
  • All App Access
  • Renews Monthly



Best for Professionals

1000 Credits

  • 15 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Renews Monthly



Best for Agencies

4000 Credits

  • 50 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Renews Monthly


Welcome credits

Best for Trial Usage

100 Credits

  • 1 Site
  • All App Access
  • 1 Month Credit Validity



Best for Professionals

1000 Credits

  • 10 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Credits Don’t Expire



Best for Businesses

4000 Credits

  • 50 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Credits Don’t Expire

Frequently Asked Questions

Register/login here. Once you log in, you will find the option in the dashboard to purchase available packages.

If you use In-Post Sentences = 1 Credit/Links Created
If you use Smart Internal Link Generator = 2 Credits/Links Created

Ex: You can build 500 interlinks with 500 credits if you use In-Post Sentences. You can build 250 interlinks with 500 credits if you use the “Smart Internal Link Generator” option.

Monthly plan credit resets each month – they don’t roll over. Pay-as-you-go credit doesn’t expire.

Contact us if you need a custom package with higher limits.

Currently, our app supports WordPress classic editor and Gutenberg-based blocks (like Spectra, Generateblocks, KadenceBlock, CoBlocks, Otter Blocks, EssentialBlocks, Ultimate Blocks etc.)

Divi support is in Beta. Use with caution.
Shopify, Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc. are not supported yet; we are working hard to add these ASAP.

Currently, you can use LinkBoss on websites with less than 20 thousand posts.

LinkBoss uses the latest AI technologies & its proprietary machine-learning algorithm to match semantics. Almost every action you do on the app is powered by these systems. Therefore, it’s not a sustainable model to offer a one-time fee for unlimited links.

Opting for our web-based tool over plugins provides multiple benefits, including:

  1. Better Performance: Our cloud-based tool uses AI and Machine Learning without slowing down your website or causing stability issues. These processes run best only on GPU-optimized environments. Thus, even if you manage to host your site on a dedicated server, you won’t get the same level of performance from a plugin.
  2. Multi-site Management: Manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard without needing separate licenses, making it cost-effective especially for different-sized websites.
  3. User-friendly Interface: Our clean and fast UI ensures a seamless and efficient interlinking process, enhancing productivity.
  4. Easy Collaboration: Add team members to your account, assign specific permissions, and delegate tasks without compromising data security.

Currently, we only support English. Other language support is still in Beta. You can use those but with caution.

We have a FREE plan with 1-month validity! And it requires no credit card!

With the FREE plan, you get access to all of our tools. You can add one of your sites and explore all the functionalities yourself before purchasing.

Just register at and start using the tool.

Yes, links stay permanent even if you remove LinkBoss from your site.

Watch your website soar to new heights with LinkBoss!

We offer regular updates and top-notch support to ensure your satisfaction. Just create a free account and start using the tool.

  • All App Access
  • 24×7 Live Support
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