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Build Semantic Interlinks 40X Faster

I just tried it and it found all my orphaned pages to link to. Their smart link feature is next level.

Ben Adler Founder Keyword Chef

Ben Adler
Founder, KeywordChef

I was reviewing it and found it so good. I will use it extensively in some of the sites I’m making.

matt zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman
Founder, ZimmWriter

I’m interlinking 1,500 posts. It’s still early, but traffic is already starting to trend upward.

adam smith

Adam Smith
CEO, TheContentMachine

56+ Countries

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Meet LinkBoss

An Interlinking Powerhouse

Start building interlinks more efficiently with our complete semantic interlinking solution. Manual inbound/outbound interlinking, SILO network, and bulk interlinking – it does it all.

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Effortless Topic Clusters

Build powerful topic clusters using LinkBoss’s innovative SILO feature for optimal interlinking.

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Smart Contextual Linking

LinkBoss’s AI analyzes content to suggest ideal spots and semantically relevant anchor text for interlinks.

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Bulk Interlinking

Save hours by connecting all relevant posts with your chosen anchor texts in one click.

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Fresh Content for Context

No suitable anchor? Let our AI engine generate unique paragraphs with relevant anchors.

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Comprehensive Site Reports

Improve SEO strategies using site metrics on orphan posts, and, internal/external links.

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Why LinkBoss

Build Semantic Interlinks Easily
No Guesswork Needed

Create natural interlinks with relevant anchors instantly. Automate the entire linking process to save tons of hours.

With LinkBoss
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  • Rank higher for your target keywords
  • Automated, efficient interlinking at scale
  • Better engagement and increased dwell time
  • Fast indexing due to optimized interlinking
  • Strategic linking leads to higher conversion
Without LinkBoss
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  • Underperform in search engine rankings for poor site structure
  • Struggle to index pages in Google
  • Time wasted on manual interlinking
  • Lower engagement, higher bounce rates
  • Missed opportunities to establish topical authority

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Top Features

Whatever You Need
LinkBoss Can Do

Accelerate productivity and growth by speeding up the interlinking process with our AI & Machine learning-powered solution.

Build Powerful Silos

LinkBoss’s Interlinking Silo feature uses AI to create topic clusters, connecting related pages semantically.

  • Reverse Silo
  • Nested Silo
  • Hub Page Hybrid Silo
  • Custom Silo Network

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linkboss paragraph generation

Create Relevant Links for Difficult Anchors

When existing content lacks appropriate anchor text, LinkBoss creates original, context-rich paragraphs that naturally incorporate the required links.

  • Contextual Interlinking
  • Natural Anchor Text
  • Seamless Integration
  • Improving User Experience

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One-Click Bulk Interlinking

LinkBoss’s Bulk Interlinking feature simplifies internal linking for large websites by interlinking hundreds of posts in seconds.

  • Automating Interlinking Saves Hours
  • Improved Site Structure
  • SEO Enhancement
  • Customizable Anchors

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linkboss one click bulk
linkboss dashboard

Multiple Sites, One Dashboard

LinkBoss offers a unified dashboard for managing multiple websites and implementing interlinking strategies, monitor performance, and update sites efficiently.

  • Unified Dashboard
  • Consistent Interlinking Strategies
  • Multi-Brand Oversight

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Site Reports

LinkBoss’s detailed site reports provide a daily update to help identify and fix orphan content and other structural issues quickly.

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Daily Updates
  • Orphan Page Detection
  • SEO Insights

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automated website analysis report with Linkboss

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Users Review

Trusted By 3000+ Users

The go-to solution for SEO experts, content creators, agency leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs.

It helps me with something I struggled with before. Helps to find articles that need links and find relevant articles on to add interlinks. Saves a lot of time.

mark draper

Mark Draper
Web Agency Owner

Easy to use, effortlessly insert interlinks that are contextually relevant with bulk link processing. A true saver for someone who manages several blogs like me.

Niko Julius

The first time I used it I achieved in 1 day what would have taken weeks. automatically chooses the best contextual anchor text.

Jonathan howe

Jonathan Howe
Montenegro Nomad Agency

A game changer tool for SEO, it makes it easy to connect all the posts on your site and help Google easily find all your posts.

Brendan Frye
EIC at CGMagazine

I have 50K+ pages sites and I’ve been using LinkBoss to interlink for all these websites. The growth has been very noticeable since I’ve started using LinkBoss.

kaisar hamid

Kaisar Hamid
ConchHouse Owner

Impressed by its ability to effortlessly create relevant internal links in bulk, a feature that clearly outshines competitors like Link Whisper.


Vlad Ivanov
Founder, WordsAtScale

I have seen a jump in kw’s ranked since I started with Linkboss, so I would definitely like to finish up all the SILO networks I have started.


Intermet Marketer

LinkBoss is saving me time and from headaches. Finding interlinks is a daunting and overwhelming task for me; even though my Blog is quite small. LinkBoss came to the rescue.

Anil Agarwal
Agrawal Leadership LLC

I have bought so many internal linking plugins, and many of them have the same issues. Linkboss on the other hand is super good at saving time as it has bulk mode.

darren ng

Daren Ng
Internet Marketer


Simple Pricing For Everyone

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Pick a plan to suit your needs. Once placed, interlinks stay permanent.

Starter plan



Best for Starters

200 Credits

  • 3 Site
  • All App Access
  • Renews Monthly
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Growth plan



Best for Professionals

1000 Credits

  • 15 Sites
  • All App Access
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Enterprise plan



Best for Agencies

4000 Credits

  • 50 Site
  • All App Access
  • Renews Monthly

Trial plan


Welcome credits

Best for Trial Usage

100 Credits

  • 1 Site
  • All App Access
  • 1 Month Credit Validity
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Advanced plan



Best for Businesses

4000 Credits

  • 50 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Credits Don’t Expire

Pro plan



Best for Solopreneurs

1000 Credits

  • 10 Sites
  • All App Access
  • Credits Don’t Expire


Got Questions?

In our FAQ section, you can find answers to all the pressing questions.

Register/login here. Once you log in, you will find the option in the dashboard to purchase available packages.

Yes, links stay permanent even if you remove LinkBoss from your site.

1 credit = 1 link (In-Post Sentences)
2 credits = 1 link (Smart Internal Link Generator)
Example: With 500 credits, you can create:

  • 500 links using In-Post Sentences (1 credit per link)
  • 250 links using Smart Internal Link Generator (2 credits per link)

LinkBoss uses advanced AI technology to analyze content and create relevant links. This process requires significant computational resources. The credit-based system helps cover these costs and ensures the service can continue operating efficiently and improving over time.

Currently, you can use LinkBoss on websites with less than 20 thousand posts.

Contact us if you need a custom package with higher limits.

Currently supported:

  • WordPress classic editor
  • Gutenberg-based blocks (e.g., Spectra, Generateblocks, KadenceBlock, CoBlocks, Otter Blocks, EssentialBlocks, Ultimate Blocks)
  • Elementor
  • Divi (Beta – use cautiously)

Not yet supported:

  • Bricks
  • Oxygen Builder
  • Thrive Architect

We are working hard to add these ASAP

We offer a FREE 1-month plan without credit card. The free plan includes:

  • Full access to all LinkBoss tools
  • Ability to add and optimize one website

Just register at and start using the tool.

Currently, we support English, Spanish, German, and French. Other language support is coming soon.

Opting for our web-based tool over plugins provides multiple benefits, including:

  1. Better Performance: Our cloud-based tool uses AI and Machine Learning without slowing down your website or causing stability issues. These processes run best only on GPU-optimized environments. Thus, even if you manage to host your site on a dedicated server, you won’t get the same level of performance from a plugin.
  2. Multi-site Management: Manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard without needing separate licenses, making it cost-effective especially for different-sized websites.
  3. User-friendly Interface: Our clean and fast UI ensures a seamless and efficient interlinking process, enhancing productivity.
  4. Easy Collaboration: Add team members to your account, assign specific permissions, and delegate tasks without compromising data security.

Here’s our credit expiration policy:

  1. Monthly Plans:
    • Credits reset each month
    • Unused credits do not roll over
  2. Pay-as-you-go:
    • Credits do not expire

Our Core Team

The Team Behind LinkBoss

LinkBoss is built and maintained by people like you. We experienced the challenges with interlinking like most of you. To put an end to that and make things as easy as possible, we brought LinkBoss to existence. Our core team comprises of:

  • SEO Experts
  • Developers
  • Agency Owners
  • Bloggers and Publishers
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