Internal link plays a crucial role in improving website rankings and user experience. Several tools are available on the market to help website owners optimize their interlinking strategies.

Two most popular interlinking tools are LinkBoss and Link Whisper. In this comparison guide, we will dive into the features and benefits of both these tools. We will highlight which one is the superior option for SEO professionals.

LinkWhisper vs. LinkBoss Differences (Keyword Search vs. Semantic Search)




Link Suggestion from Existing Sentences

AI-Powered Link Building

Contextual Anchor Placement

Interlinking Silo Using Topic Clusters

Bulk Interlinking Feature

Web-Based Tool

Multi-Site Management

LinkBoss: AI-Powered Interlinking at Its Finest

As an AI-powered interlinking SaaS tool for WordPress sites, LinkBoss offers a range of unique features that fundamentally transform your ability to scale and optimize your website’s internal links. Here’s what sets LinkBoss apart:

  1. AI-Driven Link Building: Unlike Link Whisper, which relies on manual input, LinkBoss uses advanced AI, NLP and complex algorithms to generate contextual internal links within your site. This ensures a precisely tailored interlinking strategy that evolves as your site content grows.
  2. Contextual Anchor Placement: While Link Whisper falls short in placing your anchor text contextually, LinkBoss ensures that your links are integrated seamlessly and naturally into your site content. This helps maintain readability and provides a better user experience.
  3. Interlinking Silo using Topic Clusters: LinkBoss goes beyond basic internal linking by allowing you to strategically build a Topic Cluster-based interlinking silo, strengthening your topical authority and boosting your SEO performance.
  4. Contextual Bulk Interlinking Feature: Unlike Link Whisper, LinkBoss offers a one-click bulk interlinking option that rapidly links multiple target URLs, saving you time and maximizing your internal linking efficiency.
  5. Web-Based SaaS Solution: While Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin, LinkBoss is a versatile web-based tool that offers greater accessibility and ease of use for users. And it reduces load on your website server.
  6. Multi-Site Management: In contrast to Link Whisper, LinkBoss enables multi-site management, making it the ideal choice for SEO professionals working with multiple websites or clients.

Link Whisper: An Alternative Option with Limitations

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin designed to help automate and simplify your website’s internal linking process. While it does offer some useful features for website owners, it falls short in comparison to LinkBoss in terms of automation, AI integration, and interlinking strategy. Its limitations include:

  1. Lack of AI-Power: Unlike LinkBoss, Link Whisper does not utilize AI algorithms to optimize and contextualize your link placement, making it less effective and accurate in building your internal linking strategy.
  2. Limited contextual anchor placement: With Link Whisper, you might encounter difficulties in ensuring contextual relevance and natural integration of your anchor text into your site content.
  3. No Silo Creation: Link Whisper doesn’t offer the ability to create Topic Cluster-based interlinking silos, which are crucial for building topical authority for your website.
  4. Absence of Bulk Interlinking: Link Whisper lacks a bulk interlinking feature, adding complexity and huge time consumption to your interlink building process.
  5. Irrelevant Link Suggestion: The biggest lack of Link Whisper. We have discussed this with many webmasters and this is their common complaint. While Link Whisper seriously gives irrelevant link suggestions often, LinkBoss uses a powerful algorithm to suggest semantically relevant posts. This lack is alone a deal breaker for Link Whisper.


When it comes to internal interlinking tools for SEO, LinkBoss clearly outshines Link Whisper. Its AI-powered, context-driven interlink-building capabilities, versatile web-based nature, and strategic interlinking silo creation are superior to other tools.